Friday, 28 December 2012


My boyfriend’s an editor and if any you girls out there have been in a relationship with one will know
how i feel and i know what they’re going through. Editors don’t leave the studio for days together
and live a very unhygienic life while they’re working. God bless the women whose men stay that way


My girlfriends wanted to meet him and so a whole big weekend away had been planned where all of
us would get away from the daily bust and hustle. And so began our journey, Nikhil was so tired that
day that he slept throughout the journey and in that journey he had rested on my shoulder.

By the time we reached the resort my shoulder was skinned, Literally grazed with his beard and he
only realised it when he saw the mirror in our room after we checked in and found traces of blood
on his cheeks.

Frantic he went around the room everywhere to find out how had he got blood on him, when came
out of the washroom he saw my shoulder and was heartbroken. Without me saying anything at all
he went in and shaved his god forsaken stubble.

The trip was a blessing since i always asked him to shave for my sake at least and he would always
joke about how his beard was harmless and since then he himself is always careful and doesn’t even
come close to me without being as smooth as i am. I have seen him shave at 3 in the night, right
after coming back home after working for 3 days straight. The trip really was a blessing in disguise
since i was planning to blackmail him into shaving but couldn’t really threaten him since nothing as
such works on him!!!! Ever!

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