Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Drive Safely!!!

It takes hundreds of nuts to put a ‘2- wheeler’ together and one nut to scatter it on the highway!So brace yourself … don a ‘nutcase’, for who knows.., you could be the next nut cracked on our blessed roads. As it is, these fantastic asphalt rivers are being leased to NASA to test drive their Martian-rovers. What an honour!

If worse comes to worse, and you do end up in the next world (without a head). St. Christopher or even the dare-devil himself, Lucifer, will have second thoughts about giving you a ‘2- wing’ license. (Don’t say I didn’t warn you. PS – Lucifer will give into anything with a bribe.)Walking on smoldering coal or for that matter, walking with wooden sandals in paradise, is no joke! A ‘2-wing’ is a must. It’s a matter of prestige!
If that’s not enough, we have road-fuls of Schumacher’s and Rossi’s vying for the Goan Grand Prix. Unless you’re one of them, it’s advisable not to ride faster than your angels can fly. If you don’t snap your spine while ramming into something (read cows, dogs, electricity poles, tipsy pedestrians), a helmet will definitely stall your debut on the menu of an Udupi Restaurant. I mean, being a cabbage, in a country of soaring vegetable prices won’t make you the saviour of the vegetarians around. Hell! It won’t even reduce inflation. So why take the trouble?! 

But it does pay to have a head. For one, medical science hasn’t found a way to graft it. An arm, a leg…ya! They’ve done it…but head …nope…don’t think so. You’ve no choice, the only way to safe-guard this one-of-a-kind bob above your neck is with a helmet. Whether you like it or not! It flattens your spikes and gives you split-ends. But it is better than having no head at all. Unless it’s your life ambition to be the next headless horseman/ woman.

So, for all your nut’s worth, give this a thought…Will it be head or headless? Your pick!

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